The USA Fencing Board of Directors would like to receive your comments on an initial, high-level draft of a Strategic Plan for USA Fencing. The Board will review and revise the plan in response to member comments and add specific activities, timelines and responsible parties to each of the elements listed below. The full plan will be put forward for adoption at the Board meeting at Summer Nationals in July. Please send your comments to by April 1, 2011.

USA Fencing DRAFT Strategic Plan Develop and sustain an organization that has the financial, administrative and communication tools to support fencers at all levels, foster the growth of fencing and achieve continued international competitive success and influence.

Finance: Achieve and maintain a healthy, stable and dynamic financial status

Administrative: Create an administrative structure that advances organizational goals and that responds to and engenders trust and confidence in its constituents and third parties with whom it deals.

Communication: Communicate relevant information clearly, effectively and accurately, in a timely manner to constituents, media, the general public and third parties with whom the organization deals.

Support fencers at all levels: Assure consistent, high quality, fair and well organized competitions and other services for fencers of all interests, skill levels, ages and locations.

Foster the growth of fencing: Expand and improve the services the organization provides to clubs and members encourage the establishment of new programs and increase public awareness of the sport of fencing.

Achieve continued international competitive success and influence: Create a system that results in athletic success at the highest level of international competition. Develop and implement a plan to maintain and expand our relationships and participation in the FIE and Pan American Zonal Confederation.

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