Fencing ClubsEdit

  1. Stimulate formation of new fencing clubs
  2. Assist to grow current fencing clubs
  3. Provide recruitment tools
  4. Provide administrative tools and packages
  5. Leverage union of fencing clubs for better deals for management software, insurance, equipment acquisition, promotional material
  6. Consider a program similar to that used by college sororities, with a volunteer region structure, with people having specific skills - fundraising, tournaments, club organization, recruitment of students, etc.

Fencing CoachesEdit

  1. Develop a national plan for recruiting prospective coaches
  2. Develop a natioal plan for developig and educating coaches
  3. Provide opporunities for volunteer, amateur, semi-professional and professional coaches to further their education


  1. Provide fencers of all levels with perspective to advance their career
  2. Designate regional training centers for recurring training camps
  3. Develop national training opportunities/camps for high level fencers with a primary goal of providing greater competitive experiences in a more focused environment

School-Based ProgramsEdit

  1. Encourage (public/private, middle/high) schools to create fencing programs and leagues
  2. Promote mutually-advantageous partnerships between existing programs (clubs, foundations, universities) and local secondary schools.
  3. Create a package of best practices and practical advice on how to start school programs
  4. Identify successful programs/individuals that could volunteer to act as mentors, possibly on a regional basis

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